Did you know your ability to speak English fluently is a gift you can give the rest of the world? Many people learning English do not have access to someone who speaks English as his/her native language. Spotlight English programs are accessible to people all over the world who have studied English but need a personal touch to improve their pronunciation and conversation.

You have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many simply by being available to host an English club! Our materials will give you all you need to lead a successful conversation club. It’s a practical and fun way to love your neighbor.

Click here for a sample program.

There are two ways to host a club:

  1. Local clubs: Gather English-learners in your community for face-to-face conversation clubs. Host alone or coordinate other volunteers for larger groups.
  2. Internet clubs: Sign into Skype and form a virtual group of Spotlight fans wanting to improve their spoken English. No worries about how you look—this audio-only club allows you to connect with the world.
  3. Interested in volunteering? Click on one of the buttons below to register.

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